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Hi, my name is Shane. I like to experiment with code and graphic design, and can spend countless hours working on projects with no particular objective in mind.

This site is just a place to house various projects, and to write about particular programming topics of interest - which tend to be those of a visual nature, like algorithmic art. If you're a programmer, web designer, etc, I hope you'll find something interesting, or perhaps even useful, but none of it is meant to be taken seriously.

Why Extern?

The name “Extern.com” has been around since 1994. “Extern” is a keyword found in various programming languages that programmers tend to use when they're too lazy to figure out why the compiler is having visibility problems. Definitions you read at other sources may vary slightly. :)

Recent Activity

Javascript 3D Disks

Basic 3D Canvas - Using HTML5 canvas, Javascript, and a bit of math to render some lit disks rotating in 3D space. The code is simple, and self contained, which means no external libraries or dependencies are needed. View Demo

Simplex Voronoi

Smooth Voronoi - A regular Voronoi pattern is usually determined by mapping a unique, minimum, surrounding cell distance to a color. Smooth Voronoi is produced by combining fractional amounts of all surrounding cell distances. View Demo

Javascript Raymarching

Javascript Raymarching - Using Javascript to produce a realtime raymarched scene... in spirit, anyway. To say Javascript is not the best way to do this is an understatement, but it was fun trying. :) View Demo

Highlighted Image

Cheap Image Highlighting - This is just a quick rundown on a cheap, no-frills way to add a bit of highlighting in order to brighten up a 2D procedural image. Read More

Noise Flow-Lines

fBm Noise Flow-Lines - I first came across noise flow-line images on various Processing blogs. In essence, you read in a noise value from a map, convert it to an angle, draw a short line at that angle, then read in the next value, etc. I'll write more in depth later, but for now, here's a demonstration and some code. View Demo

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